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Frequently asked questions

What is the goal? 2018-08-07T06:55:27+00:00

In general the main purpose of a hackathon is to quickly gather and elaborate practical ideas that can be useful for healthcare. In this specific hackathon for VR4REHAB, we look for ideas to implement virtual reality in rehabilitation treatments.

We seek to stimulate co-operation across the various disciplines involved, to create a workable solution. Ideas that wouldn’t otherwise be considered for practical applications. This is why we want to bring people together. In a few days the aim is to work out a concept. All ideas will be stored in an online database, so they will not be lost. The best ideas will be selected and will be elaborated in to a prototype during the Game Jams later on.

Are there other obligations? 2018-08-07T07:01:09+00:00

The plan is that the best ideas will be elaborated in Game Jams. During these Game Jams, people will create (working) prototypes or solutions. You will compete against the best ideas from the hackathons in the other countries. De Game Jams will be held in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. If you are chosen, you have to be willing to participate in the Game Jam. Dates and locations haven’t been set yet, but they will take place at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

What about intellectual property? Who will own my idea? 2018-08-07T07:00:39+00:00

In general, the follow guidelines apply. A hackathon is an ideal place to work on ideas which you are comfortable sharing with others, but this does not mean that you must give up ownership of your idea or project. It is up to each team to decide on the ownership of any work that is done during the hackathon. Teams generally share intellectual property based on individual contributions and commitment, but project leads should establish it with their team in advance.

Some hackathon projects lead to the founding of a real company down the road, while others are released for free to the community. It is up to each project lead to decide on a structure and communicate this to the project organisation of this hackathon.

If there are pre-existing intellectual and industrial property rights which are made available to the project, these will be fully respected provided that they are notified by the project organisation of VR4REHAB  in writing.

Because the project VR4REHAB is partly financed by Interreg, the results of the project have to be made available to the general public free of charge. The project organisation of VR4REHAB will collect and share the generated ideas from the hackathons and game jams in a online library which will be available for the general public to consult.

The risks of exposing an idea are often outweighed by the benefits of the feedback and collaboration you will receive if people get excited about your vision. If you have concerns about the IP in your project, we recommend consulting a lawyer.

Can I also just pitch an idea? 2018-08-07T07:00:00+00:00

Yes! As long as your idea is related to VR and rehabilitation treatments. The pitch moment is planned for the first day.

Do I have to pitch the idea? 2018-08-07T06:59:29+00:00

There is a great opportunity to present and idea and to create a team to bring your idea to life, so we certainly recommend it! You can also choose to just pitch a challenge and to figure out a way to find a solution together with the team.
However, you are not obligated to present and idea. On the first day, all ideas will be presented and you can also choose to join a presented idea or challenge as a participant!

Can I join for one day only? 2018-08-07T06:58:57+00:00

Participation is only possible if you are present for the entire program. If there is no possibility for you to attend all days, but you still want to be part of the hackathon, then please contact us. You might be suitable for the role of coach or volunteer! Or to attend the team presentations on the last day.

Do I need to have a group before the weekend starts? 2018-08-07T06:58:17+00:00

You don’t need to organize an entire group before the start of the Hackathon. Teams are created on the first evening. On the contrary, we think it’s especially fun to co-operate in a team with people you haven’t met yet! The combination of people with differing backgrounds will create new and exciting perspectives.

Are there costs involved? 2018-08-07T06:57:48+00:00

Participation of a hackathon for VR4REHAB is free, however we ask for a deposit to prevent no-shows, which will fully be paid back upon your arrival at the venue. We take care of breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. You are asked to be present during the entire program. If you want to stay overnights, we ask you to organize that on your own.

What should I bring? 2018-08-07T06:56:37+00:00

Just bring your laptop and a charger. We take care of food and drink for the entire weekend.

Who can participate? 2018-08-07T06:56:04+00:00

Patients, healthcare professionals, programmers and entrepreneurs are encouraged to participate. Both students and professionals are very welcome. These groups are invited to present their ideas and create a team OR to help other teams to turn their ideas into practical solutions.

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